Best Mike Dooley Books That Will Inspire You To Dream

Mike Dooley is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur in the New Thought movement. He’s featured in the Law of Attraction (LoA) film and book of the same name, The Secret.

Before he’s an author, he worked as an international tax specialist and co-founded a T-shirt business with his mom and brother called TUT, Totally Unique Thoughts. The company sold over a million T-shirts in ten years but when the sales began to decline, they decided to liquidate the business and transform the website into something inspirational for his subscribers — The Universe Talks (TUT).

Mike Dooley’s motto is “Thoughts become things… choose the good one!” He has a very positive outlook on life and his writing style is cheery and optimistic.

Below are 10 of his best books. Pick one that suits you the most.

Top 10 Best Mike Dooley Books

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1. Infinite Possibilities

“Our desires are gifts, not a curse. Dreams are selfish only if you believe in scarcity and lack.”

This book is about living your dreams. The message is simple: thoughts become things.

The author believes that we are filled with infinite possibilities and we create our own reality with our thoughts. So we have to work on our thoughts, our beliefs, and our perception of life if we want to change the physical world and manifest our dreams.

This book covers the entire spectrum of reality, from beliefs and intuition to creative visualization to thoughts and manifestations. If you want tools and techniques that help you practice the Law of Attraction (LoA), this book is for you.

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2. Playing the Matrix

“Reality is not what your eyes show your mind, but what your mind creates for your eyes to see.”

This book is based on the author’s advanced course on living deliberately and creating consciously. The concepts he shares were born of material he’s delivered to live audiences the world over in his 17 years of touring.

In this book, you will understand why “manifesting” sometimes works with incredible ease and why it sometimes doesn’t work at all. If you have been clearing your limiting beliefs but have no luck in your manifestation, read this book. It will help you get clearer on what you really want and help you avoid contradictions and self-sabotage.

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3. Leveraging the Universe

“Everything works out in the end. If it looks like things aren’t working out, it’s not the end.”

This book offers you seven steps to harnessing the Universe and engaging life’s magic.

In this book, the author shows you how to get from where you are now to what you want by sharing his journey from fear to fortune and how he did it in spite of doubts and uncertainty. He believes that if he can do it, anyone else can do the same.

But dreaming about what you want is not enough, you have to act on your dreams. If you think that LoA is all about sitting around and wishing for things you want, read this book. It will inspire you to take action.

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4. Choose Them Wisely

“Living the life of your dreams isn’t just about dreaming. It’s also about living: following your impulses, turning over every stone, and stepping out into the world.”

This book is a compilation of poems and short insights that were first sent out by email to his retail stores’ visitors as “Monday Morning Motivator”.

In the beginning, he took inspirational poems from his bestselling T-shirts and mentioned any retail specials they were having. However, after he liquidated his T-shirt business, he decided to add his own insights after the poems instead.

He received a lot of positive responses and so now the emails are compiled into a book. This book is suitable for anyone who needs some positive affirmations and inspiration in their life.

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5. The Complete Notes From the Universe

“Nothing you ever do, be, or have, no matter how stunning and spectacular, will ever compare to your achievement of being here at all.”

Started as a weekly email to his subscribers, the “Monday Morning Motivator” soon blossomed into a daily email called the “Notes from the Universe”.

Since 2000, the author has created empowering and positive affirmations to remind us that we have power over our lives and a say in our destiny. The notes were compiled into three different titles, Notes from the Universe, More Notes From the Universe, and Even More Notes From the Universe previously. 

Now, for the first time ever, the trilogy is presented in one single volume, including a new introduction and fresh insights. If you have been following the author for a while, this is the book for you.

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6. Love Your Life in 30 Days

“To change our truth, we simply have to change the stories we tell and believe.”

Written with Hope Koppelman, this workbook is designed to help you live your dreams and create major life transformation. 

If you have a creative project that you have been fantasizing about for a while such as writing your first book or launching a business, this book is for you. Even if you don’t have a dream, you will have a clearer picture of what you want in life by the end of 30 days.

Inside the book, you will find 30 activities that take 10 minutes or less each day. Completing them will make you feel more confident to live the life that you want.

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7. Manifesting Change

“You cannot significantly change your life by manipulating the material world. But great change is inescapable when you first begin manipulating the world of your thoughts.”

Do you ever wonder who you are? How did you get here? Why did you choose this adventure? And how to make the most of your time in space? 

In this book, the author answers all these questions and reveals life’s most sacred truths. In addition, you will learn the metaphysical mechanics that bring about every physical manifestation so that you can create what your heart truly longs for.

This book is for those who want to move beyond the Law of Attraction (LoA) to the next level of manifestation. It will help you understand your role as a creator and help you visualize your life with more emotion and clarity.

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8. A Beginner’s Guide to the Universe

“You are the very reason the sun comes up every day.”

Even though the author wrote this book for his young daughter to help her live a life of meaning and purpose, this book is relevant to everyone.

Filled with short quotes and passages the author gathered over his two decades of career, the book guides you through a range of topics, including family and relationships, power and responsibility, adversity and bouncing back from it, even the nature of heaven, angels, and God.

This book has some thought-provoking ideas that will challenge your existing beliefs about life. You can read one passage a day cover to cover or turn to any page and get some inspiration about life.

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9. Life on Earth

“You are ultimately destined to discover your power and accept its responsibilities.”

What’s happening in the world lately? How can I be happy when so many are not? Is life about following your heart or taking what’s served to you?

If you found yourself asking questions like the above, this is the book for you. In this book, the author answers questions about the meaning of life. He lived his life through questions, asking about almost everything, and his questions always get answered wisely by a higher self.

We all have a higher self within that knows a whole lot more than we do. This book encourages you to tap into your higher self and ask your own empowering questions.

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10. Dreams Come True, All They Need Is You

“The world is your oyster and life is your ocean. Just follow your dreams to set the waves in motion.”

Illustrated by Virginia Allyn, this children’s book is about three young friends lifting off in a hot air balloon over the moon and past the stars to a wonderland of dolphins and islands during their dream. The enchanted night brings about rhyming life-lessons that are easy to learn and fun to share.

Beautifully illustrated, this book is great as a gift. Or if you want to help your children believe in themselves, the positive message in this book will help to do so.

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