Best Astral Projection Books for Growth and Expansion

Astral projection is an intentional act of your soul, consciousness, or astral body leaving your physical body while sleeping. It’s also known as astral travel, soul travel, or out-of-body experience (OBE).

Even though the idea of astral projection is found in various religious texts and occurs in many cultures, there is no scientific evidence to prove that one can leave their body. So it is often regarded as pseudoscience, especially by those who don’t have the experience before.

But whatever the case may be, if you are open to trying out astral projection yourself. Below are the 10 best astral projection books.

A few of them are based on personal accounts. They will inspire you and give you hope for your own experiments. Others are more practical and provide detailed instructions on how to induce an OBE.

Scroll down the list and choose one that is the most suitable for you. 

You might also be interested in reading lucid dreaming books too. Lucid dreaming and astral projections are two different experiences but they are often discussed together.

Top 10 Best Astral Projection Books and Why

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1. Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce

If you want a complete, how-to guide on astral projection, this book is for you. It teaches you everything you need to know to accomplish successful out-of-body travel.

In this book, astral travelers like you will find powerful techniques, advice, tips, and solutions to your common problems. For example, it tells you how to get out of your body, how to get around in the astral planes, and how to safely get back to your physical body with memories of your experiences.

First published in 1999, read the revised 10th Anniversary edition published in 2009 for more concise and newer content.

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2. Adventures Beyond the Body by William Buhlman

If you have been struggling with astral projection, read this book.

Written by someone who has taught this topic for a few decades, the author shares his personal experiences using journal entries and then draws conclusions about the nature of our existence from them.

In this book, you will read about the author’s successful and failed out-of-body attempts since the beginning of his journey. Reading his personal account will give hope for your own astral projection.

In the second part of the book, he also shares the various techniques and tips for OBEs.

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3. Journeys Out of the Body by Robert Monroe

First published in 1971, this book is one of the classic books on out-of-body experience.

Written by the founder of the internationally known Monroe Institute, this book accounts for the author’s astral projection experiments.

Being a logical, scientific businessman, the author set out to document his experience with the hope of understanding more about this phenomenon. At the end of the book, the author also provides a technique for leaving and returning to one’s body.

This book is great for anyone who wants an informative and objective account of OBEs because the author provides a detailed journal of his experiences, regardless of whether they make sense or not.

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4. Hacking the Out of Body Experience by Robert Peterson

Everyone is different and a technique that works for someone might not work for you. If you haven’t been successful in inducing an out-of-body experience (OBE), then this book is for you.

For almost six decades, the author has amassed a collection of more than 200 books on this topic. In this book, the author collates what he has learned over the years and provides over 50 different techniques for you to choose from. 

Grounded in science and experience, the goal of the author is to make OBEs more accessible to everyone. It’s great for both beginners and experienced astral travelers.

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5. Mastering Astral Projection by Robert Bruce and Brian Mercer

If you are looking for a structure and practical, step-by-step instructions for astral projection, this 90-day guide is for you.

After his first book, Astral Dynamics, was published, the author received many requests for an OBE training program. Together with one of his readers, they developed a program for astral travel and wrote this book. Tested by volunteers and fine-tuned, this program is divided into thirteen chapters, one per week.

It is suitable for those who are willing to commit and set an amount of time each day to complete the exercises.

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6. The Phase by Michael Raduga

If you have difficulties getting out-of-body experiences on a regular basis, this book is for you.

Written by the founder of the Phase Research Center, the author uses the term, “The Phase” to describe the dissociative state of mind, more commonly known as OBEs, astral projections, and lucid dreams to others.

This is a lengthy, practical book that gives you step-by-step instructions on getting into the phase. It also helps you clear up any misconceptions you might have. In the first part of the book, the author talks about his experiences at great length. So if you are just looking for practical advice, you might want to skip directly to the second and third parts of the book.

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7. Astral Projection by Mari Silva

This is a short astral projection book for beginners. If you feel confused after reading several books about the topic, this book is for you. 

In this book, the author compiles and organizes all the relevant information out there and makes it super easy to read for anyone. The terminology used in astral projection is explained in simple terms.

Written in a clear and concise manner, this book is suitable for readers who want a good overview and enough information to get them started on their astral journey. For more advanced practitioners, you might not find anything new in this book.

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8. Ultimate Journey by Robert Monroe

This is the last part of the Journeys Trilogy by the author. What’s different from the other two books is that this book includes the report of other people too and not just the author’s own experience.

In this book, he shares what’s beyond the limit of our physical world. He gives an explanation of why we are here, where we come from, and where we are going. Through his exploration, you will learn how you can use your astral projection skills for your own personal growth and to help others.

If you are interested in life beyond matter, this book is for you.

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9. Demystifying the Out-of-Body Experience by Luis Minero

If you want a more scholarly interpretation of astral projection, this book is for you.

Well-organized and presented in a logical and systematic manner, this book is written like an introductory textbook. It covers a vast amount of information and at the end of each chapter, you will find a summary of key points. There are also text boxes throughout the books that define terms and provide further explanations.

Based on the sciences of projectiology and conscientiology, this book uses terms that might not be familiar to common practitioners of astral travel. It is more suitable for readers who don’t mind scientific language that is free from religious or mystical connotations.

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10. Projection of the Astral Body by Sylvan Muldoon

If you want a book that looks at astral projection from a scientific lens, this old classic is for you.

First published in 1929, this book contains the account of the author’s personal experiences with astral travel. It is scientifically edited by a psychic researcher and contains tons of technical information. In this book, the author also shares his thoughts on the topics and some helpful tips for astral travel.

Straightforward and unassuming, his explanations are pragmatic and not esoteric or woo-woo like some of the more modern books. This book is also suitable for readers who favor experimentation over following instructions or dogma.

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