Best Sonia Choquette Books to Develop Your Intuition

Sonia Choquette is a world-renowned spiritual teacher and intuitive guide. She is an expert in the field of intuition and she believes everyone is intuitive. Just that most people don’t give themselves the permission to trust their inner knowing.

In her work, she helps others feel whole and find their authentic selves through intuition. She believes that intuition is natural and we don’t have to develop it. We just have to activate it. So she’s on a mission to help others to connect to their spirits and trust their vibes.

Combining compassion and humor, her books are filled with personal and real-life stories of her clients. They are suitable for those who enjoy learning through other people’s experiences.

Below are the 10 best Sonia Choquette books. Pick one that resonates with your soul.

Top 10 Best Sonia Choquette Books

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1. Trust Your Vibes

“One difference between spiritual and ego law is that spiritual law is very playful and creative, while ego law is fixed and routine.”

If you are looking to explore and strengthen your intuition, this book is for you. 

In the revised version, you will learn 34 secret practices that intuitive people use every day. The book starts with the most basic practice and then gradually moves to those more advanced practices. Divided into 9 groups, each part builds on the one preceding it.

Filled with personal and real-life stories of the author’s clients, this book is great for readers who want to learn how their sixth sense can be applied to everyday life.

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2. The Answer Is Simple…Love Yourself, Live Your Spirit!

“Once you choose to love yourself and align with your Spirit, life aligns with you.”

If you would like to connect with your Divine Spirit, this book is for you. 

In this book, the author provides ten simple steps to help you connect with your authentic self and experience your truth.

For each step, the author introduces ideas on how to love yourself and practical action you can take to strengthen your love of self and spiritual connection.

Reading this book helps you to feel centered and grounded. It helps you to see clearly how your ego can interfere with your enjoyment of life.

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3. Diary of a Psychic

“I began to understand that we have everything to do with what happens to us, and as spiritual beings we actually co-create with the Universe all the events we experience.”

If you have always wondered what it’s like to be a psychic, this memoir will give you an inside look at what psychics do. 

Gifted from birth, the author grew up with her psychic mother and discovered her own psychic abilities as a young child. By the time she was a teenager, she was already giving readings in her home. Later, she studied with two spiritual teachers to strengthen her skills and started using her gift to the fullest.

Written from the heart and inspiring, this book brings you warmth and laughter.

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4. Ask Your Guides

“Before you can connect with your spiritual guides, you must first become aware of your own beautiful spirit.”

This book is about making contact with your spiritual guides. It gives us a good breakdown of the different divine companions available to us and how each one of them helps us. Some protect us from harm and make us feel safe, while others are messengers and offer us guidance. When we learn how to connect with our spiritual guides, our lives naturally get easier.

Filled with insights and anecdotes, this is the book for you if you want to ask for and receive additional support in your life. Even if you don’t believe in spiritual guides, reading this book will uplift you and make you feel hopeful and supported in life.

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5. The Psychic Pathway

“It is the pathway of life lived with the belief and understanding that you are a soul, and that spiritual growth is your primary purpose.”

If you want to live a life according to your soul purpose and expand your spiritual awareness, this workbook is for you.

Unlike other workbooks that have plenty of exercises for you to do, the author also includes a lot of her own personal experiences as examples.

Divided into twelve weeks, this book is great for beginners who aren’t sure of their own psychic abilities or want to improve their intuition. It will also give you new perspectives on old issues.

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6. Your Heart’s Desire

“Manifesting your dream requires choices from you, but if the choice flows from your heart and is undertaken with love and enthusiasm, it will be a pleasure.”

If you want to create the life that you want, this workbook is for you.

In this book, the author shares the nine universal principles for creating your heart’s desires. With step-by-step instructions, specific exercises, and questions, this book will help you change your thoughts and behaviors, and shift your life for the better.

The author also includes interesting stories and personal experiences that help you understand the principles better.

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7. True Balance

“When one or more of these seven chakras falls out of balance or fails to operate as it is designed to, essential parts of our psychic and spiritual expression become dysfunctional or shut down.”

If you want to learn more about the seven chakras, this workbook is for you.

In each chapter, the author discusses the function of each chakra, the qualities it relates to, and various signs of a balanced or imbalanced chakra. Reading this book and answering the self-evaluation questions will help you determine if your chakra is balanced or not.

Practical and clear, this book gives you down-to-earth advice to live a happier life and balance your energy.  

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8. Walking Home

“If I was not in touch with my needs, then how could anyone else meet them?”

If you believe spiritual people shouldn’t feel resentment, anger, or fear, this memoir will teach you the importance of accepting all of your emotions.

Honest and frank, this book is about the author’s personal struggles and her search for forgiveness and freedom on the legendary Camino de Santiago.

Unlike her other books, this book is rather personal and filled with her raw emotions. The author describes in detail how her life fell apart after the unexpected deaths of her brother and dad and the end of her marriage. It shows that spiritual people aren’t invincible and they can suffer the pain of loss too.

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9. Soul Lessons and Soul Purpose

“As a Divine Immortal Being, the most important aspect of your purpose is to claim and master your creativity.”

If you ever wonder what your soul purpose is and what you are here to learn, this book is for you.

In this book, you will find 22 soul lessons channeled by the author’s spiritual guides. For the first 11 lessons, the focus is to break free from the ego. In the next 11 lessons, the focus is to elevate your awareness and vibration.

Each chapter ends with recommendations for different stages of learning. So whether you are a novice or a master, everyone would learn something from this book.

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10. The Intuitive Spark

“I’m deeply in touch with my vibes because I was encouraged at all times to be awake, aware, and directed by my Higher Self.”

If you are a parent and want to help your children thrive, this book is for you.

In this book, the author explains how a parent sets the tone for their children’s intuitive awakening and how important it is to create an environment where intuition is encouraged and treated as normal. 

This book also shows you how you could help your children to trust themselves and connect to their own source of Divine guidance so that they can live a life of joy and abundance.

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My Book About Connecting with the Love Within

Reconnect to Love by Yong Kang Chan

If you are intuitive and introverted like me, you might feel lonely sometimes and find it difficult to connect with others or get people to understand you.

From my own experience, I realize loneliness is not due to a lack of external connection. It’s a result of internal disconnection. When we feel lonely, we have lost our alignment with the love and abundance within. Instead, we are focusing on what’s missing and lacking in our relationships.

This book is about reconnecting to the Love that you are and clearing any psychological obstacles that prevent you from feeling connected to others. If you enjoy reading other people’s experiences, this book is for you too.

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