10 Best Chakra Books for Every Type of Spiritual Seeker

With countless chakra books available, finding the right one that resonates with your unique journey can be challenging.

In this article, I have compiled a list of 10 best chakra books that are perfect for every type of spiritual seeker.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner, these books will provide you with the knowledge and guidance you need to connect with your inner self and align your chakras.

How to Choose the Best Chakra Book for You

As a spiritual teacher, I have extensively researched and written about chakras in my own blog posts. I have read numerous books on chakras, but many of them share similar content.

To find the best chakra book for your spiritual journey, it is important to first understand what type of spiritual seeker you are and your needs.

Before we dive into the list, here are a few factors to consider when choosing a chakra book:

  • What is your intention of buying a chakra book?
  • What is your current level of knowledge about chakras?
  • Are you looking for an introductory book or a more advanced one?
  • Do you prefer a more scientific approach or a more holistic one?
  • Are you looking for specific exercises and practices or a broader understanding of chakras?
  • What type of spirituality are you drawn to?

Once you have answered these questions, it will be easier to narrow down your search and find the perfect chakra book for you.

While a book may be highly recommended or popular, it is also crucial to choose one that resonates with your soul. So trust your intuition when selecting a chakra book from the list below. 

Top 10 Best Chakra Books

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1. Wheels of Life by Anodea Judith

Ideal for spiritual seekers intrigued by both ancient philosophy and metaphysical theory.

The chakra system is usually used for transcending our physical reality. However, it can also be used for grounding, healing your emotional wounds, improving your health, and manifesting your dreams.

If you find the chakra system impractical or inaccessible, this book is for you. The author has taken this ancient system and made it viable for the current culture.

In each chapter, the author starts with a poetic meditation for a particular chakra and then goes on to explain the chakra in detail and its relevance to life, love, spirituality, and growth. In this book, you will also learn some simple yoga movements to help you balance your own chakras.

Even though the book is rather comprehensive and deep, it’s suitable for people who have no prior knowledge of the topic too.

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2. Eastern Body, Western Mind by Anodea Judith

Ideal for spiritual seekers navigating trauma or exploring psychology.

If you are interested in both Western psychology and Eastern philosophy, this is the book for you.

In this book, the author brings a fresh, new approach to the Eastern chakra system by mapping the Western framework of Jungian psychology, somatic therapy, childhood developmental theory, and metaphysics to each chakra. You will understand the various traumas and abuses that happen to us at each chakra level, and how to heal them.

This book is packed with detailed information on each chakra. Even though it’s geared towards psychologists and therapists, individuals who are willing to spend the time to study the material in-depth can gain a lot of insights from reading this book too.

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3. Anodea Judith’s Chakra Yoga by Anodea Judith

Ideal for spiritual seekers who actively engage in yoga practice.

If you are someone who loves yoga, this book is for you.

This book is about how to focus your yoga practice on the chakra and how to use yoga to access your subtle energy by using postures, breath control, mantras, imagery, and meditation. 

Most yoga books organize the postures by the types of poses i.e. sitting, standing, etc. But in this book, the postures are organized according to the chakras. Even if you are a yoga teacher or an advanced yogi and you already know most of these poses, you might find new ways of understanding the poses from a chakra perspective.

With beautiful step-by-step photographs and clear instructions for each of the poses, this detailed guide is easy to follow.

Having completed Anodea Judith’s Chakra Healing quest on Mindvalley, I highly recommend these three books written by her. Anodea Judith is an exceptional teacher in this field, imparting profound knowledge on the subject matter.

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4. Chakra Healing by Margarita Alcantara

Ideal for empaths or those looking for a holistic approach to healing chakras.

Margarita Alcantara is an empath and a Reiki Master. If you are a beginner to the chakra system and energy healing and you just want a quick read, this easy-to-read book is for you.

Beautifully colored and filled with wonderful images, this book provides you with the basic information on how to feel your chakra and how to know when it is in harmony or not. 

In this book, you will also find the most common methods used by practitioners to harness chakra power and the different ways to heal including meditations, behavioral changes, yoga, crystals, essential oils, and diets. 

Included in this book is also a list of common symptoms and ailments, and their links to the different chakras.

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5. True Balance by Sonia Choquette

Ideal for psychics or those looking for a more intuitive approach to healing chakras.

Sonia Choquette is a well-respected spiritual teacher and has written many books on the subject of intuition, energy, and spirituality.

In this book, she focuses on finding balance in all aspects of life through understanding and healing the chakras. She emphasizes the importance of listening to your intuition and developing a strong connection with your spiritual self.

This is a workbook, with exercises and questions to help you connect with each chakra and identify any imbalances. The author also shares her personal experiences and insights, making it a relatable read for anyone on their spiritual journey.

Practical and clear, this book gives you down-to-earth advice for living a happier life and balancing your energy.

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6. Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Chakras by Cyndi Dale

Ideal for advanced spiritual seekers who are passionate about science and history.

This is the most comprehensive book on chakras and covers everything. 

Thoroughly researched, this definitive reference explores the science, history, practices, and structures of our subtle energy. You will not only learn about chakras and how to use them for your personal growth and healing but you will also discover how our understanding of chakras has transformed throughout time and across cultures.

Furthermore, since the chakras are only one of three main, subtle energy systems and the systems interact with one another, to fully understand their beauty and power, the author explores their links too.

This thick, 1000-plus-page book is more suitable for advanced chakra learners or someone who wants a lot of information on the topic.

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7. The Chakra Bible by Patricia Mercier

Ideal for beginners and those looking for a quick reference guide.

If you just want a small, portable guide on the chakras that you can bring around, this book is for you.

This book covers each chakra, with its associated colors, Indian deity, healing stone, and emotional and physical actions. It also discusses the various techniques that can be used to cleanse and balance the energy centers. For example, crystals, yoga, aromatherapy, reiki, and reflexology.

Apart from the typical seven chakras that most books talk about, the author also provides bonus information about the newly discovered chakras and those from different traditions. 

Colorfully illustrated, this book is great for quick reference and is easy to understand. It’s suitable for beginners or those who don’t need too much information on the topic.

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8. Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss

Ideal for spiritual seekers fascinated by a wide range of spiritual traditions.

If you are open to different religious rituals and teachings, this book is for you.

This book builds on the wisdom from Hindu, Christian, and Kabbalah traditions. It links the seven chakras to the Christian sacraments and the Jewish Tree of Life.

In this book, the author details the struggles associated with each chakra and shows you how every illness corresponds to a pattern of emotional and psychological stresses, beliefs, and attitudes. 

She will help you understand how the body and spirit work together, and provide you with tools for spiritual maturity and physical wholeness.

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9. Chakra Wisdom Oracle Toolkit by Tori Hartman

Ideal for spiritual seekers who value intuitive storytelling and have a deep fascination with the art of card reading.

If you learn through self-reflection and want a book that speaks to your heart more than your analytical mind, this book is for you.

This book is unique and one of a kind. Instead of giving you information about each chakra, it uses fables to guide you in opening up your intuition, removing blockages from your life, improving your relationships, and realizing your highest potential.

There are 49 fables in total to be read across 52 weeks. Each fable is associated with one of the major chakras. There are five days of activity per week, each requiring just fifteen minutes.

For a more practical and interactive way to explore your chakras, you can use this standalone book in conjunction with the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards.

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10. Chakradance by Natalie Southgate

Ideal for dance and movement enthusiasts looking for a unique approach to chakra healing.

If you like the idea of yoga and meditation, but you find it hard to get into challenging poses or sit still for more than a few minutes, this book is for you.

Chakradance is a well-being practice that combines moving meditation and holistic healing. Unlike most chakra books that focus on yoga and meditation, this book uses music and dance to help you activate and balance your chakras. Music holds different vibrational frequencies and each chakra has its own vibrational frequency. If you dance to the right music for each chakra, it balances your energy system. 

This book is suitable for people who want something fun instead of just information about chakras. It is more for people who enjoy music and love to move around.

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Final Thoughts

Honestly, if you are a beginner, you don’t need a chakra book. There are plenty of blog posts available online that provide a comprehensive overview of chakras. If you are new to the seven chakras system, I recommend reading blog posts first.

To help you get started, here’s a list of articles I have written on chakras:

Originally published in May 2020, this blog post has undergone updates in January 2024, ensuring its relevance and accuracy.

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